“Tomèf is more than an architectural practice or a concept of a place where interior design projects are developed. Tomèf is a dream come true, is the everyday ambition to push the boundaries, to innovate through reinterpretation, to excel; it is the constant exercise to model Beauty together with Function in an indissoluble combination. Tomèf represents the idea of freedom, of creativity declined to a personal scale.
When Tomèf was born, in 2013, I thought of it as a creature to be nurtured and cultivated as a baby in his mother’s arms.

Today the dream of Tomèf is growing and expanding together with the boundaries of its knowledge, spanning from architectural to interior design and decoration projects, where sophistication, attention to detail, materials research, comfort and flexibility come together.

Every project is approached as a unique journey in the world of creation, where the interior design experience is tailor made on the specific requirements of the client, of the place, of the objectives that each project envisages.
Whether it be more classical or more contemporary, every Tomèf’s project is recognizable through the precision of its cutting edge details and the originality of its touch.”

Tommaso Franchi, Founder and Director